Onix Project Strategic Plan

Our Mission is

To optimize the payment network, the cash shortage, the difficulty to access the international market, through the use of the blockchain technology, and a world-class cryptocurrency.

Market Data

What do we want to accomplish?

That 8 millions of Venezuelans use onixcoin as a payment method for goods, services, imports and exports, and as a value safeguards

How are we going to make it happen?

We have evolved, and divided our project in 4 areas

This department will be responsible for developing desktop and web systems to integrate the Onixcoin network to as many administrative and accounting systems as possible, first in Venezuela and then in different target countries.

This division will be in charge of providing support, maintenance, scalability and also of developing systems that allow the 2 interconnection of other systems to the main Onix’s net

It will also develop and maintain digital and physical points of sale that allow the collection of Onix’s invoices in different stores and companies.

It will also develop, maintain and optimize the global directory of shops that accept Onixcoin as a payment method.

This division will be responsible for designing and executing the ambassador program, nationally and internationally.

The ambassadors program is designed to educate people about the benefits of the Blockchain, and also the Onix project, because this will help to attract businesses in order to expand the Onix’s ecosystem.

This division will be responsible for designing prototypes and developing the beta version of the Onixcoin LOANS platform. Additionally this department must maintain and optimize this platform.

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